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Something special is happening

"Jeder Wurf ein Trevor"

WERNE In seiner exklusiven RN-Kolumne „Jeder Wurf ein Trevor“ berichtet Trevor Wittwer über sein Leben als US-Amerikaner in Deutschland und die Basketball-Saison beim TV Werne. Hier können Sie seine Kolumne im Original lesen.

von Von Trevor Wittwer

, 13.04.2010
Something special is happening

TVW-Basketballer Trevor Wittwer berichtet in einer exklusiven Kolumne von seinem Leben als Amerikaner in Deutschland.

Good Morning Werne, Did you know you only have 3 more chances to see your beloved TV Werne 03 in action?  I know you may have forgotten about us during our short hiatus but rest assured we didn’t forget about you.  Why we would have a 3 week break from games right before the end of the season still boggles my mind, but that is neither here nor there.  In the meantime, we, your favorite team, have been recharging our batteries and refining our tactics.  We have been in the gym getting better, and becoming closer as a team, so that we can finish what we started some seven months ago.  Has it really been that long? As March Madness, according to the calendar, slips away, don’t for one second think the madness goes with it.  It simply takes a new form in April, Championship Month, with Championship Week only a few weeks from now.  As the old adage says, let’s not put the cart before the horse.  We still have business at hand and must close the deal with Luddenscheid before we can even begin to think about Championship Week.  Don’t think for a second we are not ready.  As far as we know Luddenscheid is the only team we play this season because it’s the only game that matters.

If you haven’t noticed already, something special is happening in Werne.  I am just disappointed more people cannot be a part of it.  Growing up, I lived in a small town similar to Werne.  Like here, everyone knew everybody.  Friday night football and Saturday night basketball were practically national holidays for our small town.  It wasn’t rare for school to close early, so everyone could make it to the big games.  Sport brought people together, all backgrounds, it didn’t matter.  No one cared who you were, on that night you were all one, one community.  Fans knew the players and players knew the fans because in the end it’s bigger than the players on the field or the fans in the stands.  It’s about the community and a common bond.  Win or lose, it didn’t matter, because everyone knew the kids on that court would lay everything on the line.  We do it for you because we know you would do the same for us.  Loyalty, pride, and tradition -- this is great communities stand for.  This is what we stand for every time we take the court. Something special is happening. Be a part of it. (Get on that fan bus to Luddenscheid) TJW