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Thank You Werne

"Jeder Wurf ein Trevor"

WERNE In seiner exklusiven RN-Kolumne „Jeder Wurf ein Trevor“ berichtet Trevor Wittwer über sein Leben als US-Amerikaner in Deutschland und die Basketball-Saison beim TV Werne. Hier können Sie seine Kolumne im Original lesen.

von Von Trevor Wittwer

, 27.04.2010
Thank You Werne

TVW-Basketballer Trevor Wittwer berichtet in einer exklusiven Kolumne von seinem Leben als Amerikaner in Deutschland.

Good Morning Werne,   I am torn right now. I don’t know whether to be sad or happy. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, this will be my last newspaper conversation with you. This might actually be a happy moment for you, but know that a tear or two will be shed next week around this time when I should be sitting down to write. I want to use this last installment as one big “thank you” to Werne. Over 700 people, are you kidding me? 700 people in that little gym! Wow, you could not have given the team any better present. For you to come and support us in the biggest game of the season means more than anything. The energy and passion in the ballspiellehalle on that epic Saturday was inconceivable. This game will go down as one of the best games I ever had a chance to be a part of, and you are the reason for that. I hope that one day you might tell your grandkids or greatgrandkids, “I remember when we packed the ballspiellehalle…”"Werne will forever be a home away from home" Not only do I want to thank you for your undying support for the team but also for everything outside of basketball. Being a foreigner, especially one who doesn’t know the language very well, can be difficult task at times. You made it easy. I have lived in Werne off and on for close to two years now, and this will forever be a home away from home. You welcomed me into your town, put up with my broken German, and stood behind us through the ups and downs. Thank you! This year has been another great experience. I have made new lifelong friends, learned a lot more German (still looking for that tutor), and created lasting memories. Winning a championship is simply icing on the cake. I will probably never remember all the details of the game but I will remember my teammates on the court and the people who cheered their hearts out. "Bring your party shoes and celebrate the great season with us" Yes, we are the champions, but there is still one more loose end to tie up, SVD Dortmund, the last obstacle in our quest for the perfect season. Come stand behind us as we lay down the final piece of the puzzle. And finally, we at TV Werne want to say one more “Thank You” and invite you to the Rathaus on Saturday evening. Bring your party shoes and celebrate the great season with us. The party jumps off after nine. This will be my last chance to see everyone because my jet plane on Monday will not wait and neither will my mother. Thanks Again. TJW